Locad is a B2B startup from Singapore for sellers around the world
As brands scale and expand, fulfillment and supply chain often become a big headache and put a ceiling on growth. We are set to change that and provide eCommerce brands with best-in-class fulfillment infrastructure.
LocadFulfillment Cloud
We provide a plug-and-play solution for global eCommerce fulfillment.
Manage orders and inventory on one platform, and easily integrate into your webshop and other sales channels.
In the machine room
of eCommerce, we provide
a scalable fulfillment infrastructure to store, pick, pack and ship your order anywhere in the world within hours, and get your orders
on the way to customers.
Locad Fulfillment Network
With the Locad fulfillment network, adding a new warehouse location is just a few clicks away.
Whether our clients are expanding to a new country, or need to add capacity to keep pace withgrowth and prepare
for a big sales campaign, Locad provides flexible, on-demand warehousing from a network of trusted logistics partners worldwide.
Integrated to major shop systems and marketplaces and build with developer-friendly APIs, our fulfillment platform is designed to make life easier for the world's best eCommerce brands, and provide a first-class shipping experience for your customers.
Manage your e-commerce supply chain from our Cockpit to check on sales, inventory health, and the progress of order fulfillment and delivery.

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